As a mixing engineer, my goal is to optimize the sonic quality as well as the emotional impact for every song that I work on. 

The 5 years of experience working as a recording/production assistant in a professional recording studio, plus the 5 more years as a programmer for some of the top-tier mando-pop live concert tours, have taught me a great deal about not only the technicalities when making/performing music, but also how music moves the audience in various different settings.

Now, I work full-time as a mixing engineer, and am ready to give my best effort for all kinds of genres (except for Metal music. Have to be honest here, it’s really not my strong suit), regardless of where it is from and what language it is in. 

I’ll make sure your music not only gets the highest quality of treatment, but also the same amount of dedication and attention to detail as when you created it!


2004-2009 於製作人陳偉創立的鐵碗音樂擔任錄音助理及製作助理

2010-2014 於各大流行音樂演唱會擔任Programmer

2014-現在 全職混音工程師

Ziya Huang
From Taipei, Taiwan

2004-2009 Recording/production assistant at Take One Music Studio (established by Wei Chen)

2010-2014 Programmer for various pop concert tours

2014-present Full-time mixing engineer